Four Dietary Mistakes That Are Guaranteed To Wreck Your Good Strength Cycle

So you think you’re ready to run a strength stack? Keep in mind that the best strength cycles can be run on standalone steroids or prohormones – you don’t have to load up on a multi-ingredient formula in order to get amazing results. Another thing to keep in mind when running strength cycles is that bad nutrition will throw you off every time. Strength stacks place heavy demands on the body and the only way to meet these demands is by getting the right level of nutrition. Following are four dietary mistakes that are virtually guaranteed to make even the very best strength stack under-perform.

1. Not eating first thing in the morning.

The human body burns calories while it sleeps. If you’re training hard, building loads of new muscle and getting regular cardio in, your body is burning lots of calories while it sleeps. If you don’t eat when you wake up, your metabolism isn’t going to wake up. When you use strength stacks to get bigger, harder and stronger, you want to make sure to eat within one half hour after getting up. More importantly, this first meal can’t just be a protein shake. Three to four eggs, a few pieces of whole wheat toast, two strips of bacon and a full serving of fruit constitutes a complete morning meal during your strength cycle.

2. Eating three large meals a day.

You want to eat every two to three hours. Doing so isn’t going to cause you pack on a lot of extra fat, especially if you’re extra careful to make complex carbs, complete proteins, and low-fat dairy the gist of your meals. In fact, eating more frequently will do exactly the opposite by stimulating a robust and high-performing metabolism and keeping it that way. You should feel like you’re eating all the time. This isn’t just important during your strength cycle. It’s also important when bulking, cutting, or working to build endurance.

3. Not eating enough fruits and vegetables.

Protein, protein, protein. Protein should be eaten all the time. But it shouldn’t be the only thing that you’re eating. You want to get plenty of fruits and vegetables too. These are great inflammation fighters, especially when you eat them fresh. They also have antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients that are going to support optimal health as you make your way through your best strength cycle. More importantly, fruits and veggies can play a key role in muscle maintenance and development. The fiber these contain will aid your digestion and help carry nutrients to the muscles. You need these and should never overlook them.

4. Not drinking enough.

All prohormones and anabolic steroids increase fluid requirements. Drinking enough can be key for avoiding toxicity and for keeping yourself hydrated despite increasingly rigorous workouts. Take careful stock of your urine to determine whether or not you’re drinking enough or too much. Dark, pungent urine typically indicates dehydration but can additionally allude to underlying problems with the filter organs. Urine that’s super clear and absolutely odor-free means that you’re probably drinking too much. This is surprisingly easy to do. Although there are lots of charts for calculating how many ounces of water you should consume, these rarely account from the water that you’ll be getting from your five, minimum daily servings of fruits and vegetables.