5 Best Strength Prohormones You Should Know

If you want to be able to lift heavier weights, you should take prohormones for strength. Strength prohormones will make you stronger and enable you to exercise like never before.

But, among the so many prohormones out there, how do you know which ones are truly effective? Do not worry; we have got you covered. So, if you are ready to take a more serious workout, here are the best prohormones for strength that will make you exercise like a beast:

Spartan Mass

Spartan Mass by Spartan Nutrition will add serious body mass and strength to your frame. This prohormone will help you bulk up and significantly increase your strength within a short period of time. It contains a combination of two powerful compounds: Androsterone and Super-19 DHEA. A bottle of Spartan Mass has 60 capsules which you will use for 30 days (2 capsules per day).

Sup3r 4 Elite

This powerful prohormone is derived from 4-Andro; therefore, it is very effective in bulking up and increasing strength. Once introduced into the body, this compound turns into testosterone. And, as you already know, when it comes to building serious muscle mass and enhancing strength, testosterone plays a very important role. This prohormone also speeds up recovery, which will allow you to exercise more and train harder.

Razor’s Edge

This product by Boss Sports Nutrition is excellent for beginners. It effectively promotes hard and lean muscles; and at the same time, it increases strength. Razor’s Edge is highly anabolic and effectively promotes muscle growth and boosts recovery time. If you want to have additional strength, then Razor’s Edge would be a good choice. Unfortunately, this prohormone should not be used by women.

Sup3r Epi Elite

If you want a significant improvement in your overall performance, this prohormone is the one for you. The Sup3r Epi Elite is derived from a very potent type of androgenic steroid hormone. This prohormone will boost your muscle growth and dramatically increase your strength. Moreover, since this prohormone does not aromatize, you will not have any issue with estrogen and water retention.


Last but not least, M-Drol is a very famous anabolic steroid, and it works like Superdrol. Technically, this is a real anabolic steroid and not a mere prohormone. Still, even if you visit online forums on bodybuilding, it is not surprising to see M-Drol being referred to as a prohormone. Since this steroid is truly an excellent choice if you want to bulk up and get really strong, it is nice to have it on this list. The drawback is that this steroid is highly toxic to the liver.


These strength prohormones have been used by many professional athletes and bodybuilders worldwide. If you are tired of lifting the same weight and would like to see some significant improvements, then it is time for you to bulk up, add lean muscles, and be stronger, so that you can lift more and gain more. It is time to discover what being strong really means. Get your hands on these prohormones, and make a meaningful change in your life.