The Best Bulking Prohormones On The Market

If you’re looking to bulk up, you have plenty of options in the form of prohormones. But not all so called “best prohormones for bulking” provide identical benefits. In fact, some just don’t do their job at all. But there are a few others that offer tremendous value for money. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best bulking prohormones money can buy.

Tren Attack

Made by Assault Labs, Tren Attack is a potent trenavar bulking compound, which packs in 15 mg of bulking goodness within every dose. If you’re going to use Tren Attack for your bulking goals, make sure you’re on cycle support and have a post cycle summing up things. Tren Attack could come in quite handy for both amateur and seasoned bodybuilders, but for some reason, the supplement is more popular among first-timers. Probably, the side effects are the least with this prohormone.

Powerdrol 10

Powerdrol 10 is a Vital Labs offering that has been formulated to excellent standards. The product has good reputation within bodybuilding circles. If you’re looking for some quick muscular gains but don’t want to spend much, Powerdrol 10 would just be what you’re looking for.

Nano Tren

Courtesy Assault Nano Series, Nano Tren has become quite popular in the supplement industry within a rather short time span, making it one among the best bulking prohormones. This supplement helps gain some serious muscle, and also assists with breaking through the plateau (most bodybuilders would be accustomed to) and reaching new heights. The prohormone may not be the number one product yet, but the pace at which it’s climbing the charts, it could soon be among the most sought after prohormones for bulking.

Beast Plexx

Made by Assault Labs, Beast Plexx is an extremely capable prohormone stack that could offer significant results. The prohormone stack is custom-designed for professional bodybuilders, so beginners are advised to stay away. Moreover, not all experienced bodybuilders are expected to know what they’re doing with this prohormone stack, which means there are some serious ingredients at play!

Super DMZ 3.0

Super DMZ 3.0 is a hard-hitting three-compound stack made by IronMagLabs. The stack is well-known for its ability to offer great results consistently. This is why you could always see good things being said about this supplement whenever a group of bodybuilders are chatting up at the gym or at online forums.


Pharma-tec’s Maximum-LMG is quite capable of helping put on dry lean bulk. The primary ingredient in this product is known for its anti-progesterone traits. Moreover, the supplement ensures the extra estrogen floating in the body doesn’t influence the body much, which means even a fairly strong estrogen presence won’t decrease your libido. In other words, you’ll see sexual performance gains with this product.


Hard-Rock Supplements have hit the sweet spot with DMZ1200. The supplement is a recent entrant to the bodybuilding world but has gained decent traction within that short period. The prohormone is not just popular for its efficacy but also for its fairly inexpensive price tag. This is perhaps the reason why several beginner bodybuilders resort to DMZ1200 to boost their bodybuilding gains.