Juicing Up: 4 Major Celebrities On Steriods

Anabolic steroids have been helping bodybuilders to achieve some of the most impressive bodies on the planet for decades… and that definitely does not stop in Hollywood. In fact, some of your favorite stars just may be hitting the juice behind the scene. From well known rappers to writers and athletes, check out our list of celebrities on steroids… or, at least, rumored to be.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Before he went all natural, athlete and action star Dwayne Johnson developed the foundation of his famed physique using anabolic steroids. Johnson says that he and a group of football buddies in high school decided to hit the weight room together to up their performance on the field. Though he now sticks to old fashioned supplements, diet and moving iron around, the basics of his bodybuilding career began when he started his first cycle.

Fifty Cent

When his first big-time CD dropped, it was clear that Fifty Cent was investing a lot of time at the gym. A lot of people speculated that he was juicing up, but rumors were never confirmed. It was not until Fifty was named in the investigation of a New York physician that the world realized that the rumors were more than possibly true. Either way, Fifty looks great and continues to impress with his unmatched commitment to staying fit.


Another name mentioned in the same investigation, Timbaland quickly buffed out and slimmed down. Still producing incredible music with some of today’s hottest stars, Timbaland’s staying power had nothing to do with his amazing body transformation, but it sure did not hurt anything. Though it is unclear if Timbaland really was on steroids, we could all take a page from his book when it comes to staying fit and taking your health seriously.

Tyler Perry

Though not the typical frame that you would expect from a cycle of steroids, it is rumored that Perry used steroids to simply lose a little weight and tone up, not bulk out. This bestie of Oprah looks better than ever and is entering into fatherhood healthier, happier and ready to create new material.

Though the celebrities on steroids rarely admit to it, much of Hollywood has dabbled in anabolic enhancers. Maybe one day, no one will need to be afraid to come the light and be honest about their steroid usage – this would, after all, do wonders for helping bring this drug into the mainstream world.