Getting A Six Pack: 5 Exercises You Should Avoid

Almost everyone into fitness is interested in getting a six pack. Women and men alike long for a flat tummy because it looks sexy and it shows long hours of enduring training. Unfortunately, many people spend long hours doing the wrong exercises. Below, see some of the exercises that you should avoid as far as getting a six pack is concerned.

Bench presses

Bench presses are great for your chest and arms. But they will do little to improve your abdominal muscles. Even if you bench press for months, all you will end up doing is developing a big chest and big arms. Your abs will still remain invisible. So don’t strain yourself trying to lift the heaviest weights in the gym. Leave that for the body builders.

Sit ups

Sit-ups are very popular when it comes to six pack exercises. However, they are not as effective as they seem. Sure, you’ll feel the burn every time you sit up. But the results you’ll get will be very minimal compared to the effort you put in. There are other exercises that can give you a better ROI on your training. Besides, sit-ups can be dangerous for your back.

Leg lifts

This is an almost useless training exercise in regards to abdominal muscles. This exercise only manages to strain and develop your glutes (butt), and your leg muscles. It may work your lower midsection a little, but that is only after you do thousands of leg lifts. The other variations of leg lifts are almost as vain. Drop them altogether and stop wasting your time on exercises that are not helping to move you towards your goal.

Upside down curls

This was quite a popular exercise a decade back. And some people still do this exercise religiously. The truth is that upside down curls are effective to a point. However, they are too risky and require too much effort. They is no need to go to such an extreme for six pack abs. There are other exercises that you can do and get better results.

Dead lifts

You also don’t need to be killing yourself with dead lifts if your aim is to spot a six pack. Just like the bench press, leave the dead lifts to body builders. Dead lifts mostly work the legs, the arms and the chest. They are actually quite risky for your back and can break your vertebrae if you’re not careful.

So now that you know what you should not do, start doing what you should do and get that mark of fitness that you desire — rock hard abs.