Three Nutrition Rules For Optimizing Your Good Endurance Cycle

The key to optimizing an endurance cycle lies in getting good nutrition. While it’s definitely important to get in as much work as you can at the gym or outdoors, you also want to bolster your best endurance stack with plenty of complete proteins, balanced meals and ample amounts of the right carbohydrates. Moreover, meal timing is just as important as what you eat and how much you consume. Following are three, easy nutrition tips for ensuring that all your endurance cycles produce amazing results.

1. Establish A Healthy Relationship With Food

Even before your stamina cycle comes to a start, you want to make sure that you have a healthy relationship with food. A lot of athletes and bodybuilders are so focused on avoiding weight gain that they stringently limit the amount of food they consume – so much so that they deprive their bodies of key nutrients and put themselves at risk of muscle wasting. With stamina cycles, the goal is to keep pushing your limits until you exceed them. As such, your body will burning more fuel than ever before and this means that you’ll need to be consuming more food than ever before as well. You shouldn’t feel hungry, dizzy or exhausted at any point during the day. If your endurance stack is working like it should, your output will be higher even as your energy and stamina soar.

2. Learn How To Balance Your Hydration

In addition to both consuming more calories and burning more calories, you’ll probably be sweating a lot more too. This dramatically increases your need for fluids, but you should still avoid drinking so much water that you run the risk of upsetting your natural electrolyte balance. An easy way to do this is to load up on complex carbohydrates that are water-dense, like fresh fruits, leafy green vegetables and cruciferous vegetables. These have their own, natural electrolyte balance that they’ll pass on to you in the fluids they contain. Also, pay attention to your urine color. If it’s ever dark brown or coppery, you’re not getting enough fluid. If it’s clear and looks like water, you’re drinking way too much water. In addition to drinking fresh, pure water, think about hydrating with coconut water from time to time. This has the perfect electrolyte balance for the human body.

3. Limit Your Intake Of Nutrition Gels And Energy Bars

It’s easy to get caught up in the habit of subsisting largely on energy bars and nutrition gels. These will not provide all of the nutrients that you need, in a form that your body can readily absorb them in. In fact, most of these nutrients will be passed in your urine and stools. Some estimates put this at about 30 percent nutrient loss, but depending on the products, it may go as high as 60. You can see this is the case when the urine takes on a neon-green hue, much like it does when multi-vitamins are taken. Fresh fruits and vegetables are easily digested and synthesized by the body for optimal use and distribution of nutrients. They also contain important phytonutrients and antioxidants that can help limit the additional physiological and chemical stress that aggressive stamina cycles commonly entail.