Four Ways To Make Your Next Bulk Your Good Bulking Cycle

Not every bulking cycle is guaranteed to be a good one. In addition to accounting for the excess fat that you’ll invariably pack on while building muscle, you also have to think about the muscle gains that you’ll likely lose shortly after your cycle ends. These are two, inescapable realities of using either anabolic steroids or prohormones to get big. Fortunately, however, you can limit these developments to ensure that you wind up with more big, ripped muscles than you’ve ever gained before. Following are four, easy ways to make your next bulk your best bulking cycle ever.

1. Start Your Steroid Bulking Cycle At The Right Time

One common misconception about anabolic steroids is that people should always bulk first and cut second. While your cycles should follow a bulk-cut-bulk-cut pattern, you want to jump into this pattern in a way that best reflects the current condition of your physique. For instance, if you’re heavy-set and have a disproportionate amount of fat to lean muscle, you should start by first cutting excess fat and hardening up the muscles that you do have. Then you can take a break, reassess and find a bulking product that will increase your muscle development for increased muscle gains. For instance, you might want to run a cycle with Winstrol, spend some time recovering, use a fat burning agent like Clen to further clean things up, rest a bit more, and then run a bulk with Trenbolone. If you’re small to start with and have limited fat stores, however, you can use a heavy bulking agent like Tren right out of the gate.

2. Stack For Maximum Results

Stacking expedites gains and provides a more expansive range of benefits. With a bulking stack, you’ll be exposing your body to a variety of chemicals for increasing your size, improving lean muscle development, boosting your endurance, and increasing your overall strength. In short, you’ll experience far more improvements in a much shorter period of time. You should never try to implement your best bulking stack, however, until you’ve experienced a few standalone agents first. Bulking stacks are always best reserved for more seasoned steroid users.

3. Always Take Solid Breaks

Never attempt to run bulking cycles back to back. A lot of bodybuilders do this in an effort to prevent muscle losses. For instance, once they quit using Tren, they move directly on to another powerful bulking agent. This is done under the assumption that no longer using one product is going to alleviate all of the stress that this product causes. With each anabolic steroid cycle, however, you always need to spend time using nothing more than off-cycle support products that are designed to get your own hormone levels back to normal.

4. Eat For Success

When it comes to your diet while bulking, you need to do far more than simply smash calories in. Implement a high protein diet and make sure that you’re getting plenty of fuel from high-quality, unrefined carbohydrates. If you don’t, you run the risk of slowing your metabolism down and forcing your body to feed off its own muscle stores.