Bodybuilding: 3 Forms Of Whey Protein That Actually Taste Good

Muscles don’t just happen in the gym. They happen on the couch and in the kitchen too. If you are among one of the many lifters who hold their nose as they chug a whey protein shake, mix it up and actually enjoy your protein with these bodybuilding power treats…

Healthwise Protein Chips

A mix between popcorn and baked chips, each pack of Healthwise chips contain 10 grams of protein. They come in several flavors like classic ranch, pizza, bbq and salt and vinegar. Pair them with a turkey or chicken sandwich and meet your post-workout protein requirements fast.

RAP Gummies

Perhaps the best tasting whey protein snack on the market, at least in this high of protein content, RAP gummies have 20 full grams of protein and come individually wrapped for post-workout windows. They don’t come in fun shapes and they can be rather expensive, but no worse than your typical jar of protein powder.

Great Value Protein Bars

With 10 grams of protein, these bars are not too terribly high in calories and come in a variety of sweet flavors like dark chocolate and cranberry. They are great for breakfast on the go and are also high in fiber.