Intro To Methandrostenolone Pills And Its Dosages, Side Effects, & Cycles

Commercially sold as Dianabol, methandrostenolone is an anabolic steroid that was created by Ciba Pharmaceuticals in 1958 and marketed by Dr. John Ziegler. Right after it made its entry into the U.S. market, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labelled the drug as a controlled item. It meant one could buy methandrostenolone legally but cannot purchase it over-the-counter (OTC) or sans a doctor’s prescription. The restriction also meant general public could not put methandrostenolone for sale. Methandrostenolone happened after testosterone, and has been used for bodybuilding and medical purposes for years ever since.

Working Mechanism

Dianabol enables the muscle tissue to hold more nitrogen, a chemical element that is essential for making protein. In other words, the more nitrogen the muscles retain, the more protein the cells can make. The process is referred to as protein synthesis, which is essential for building and repairing muscle.

Administering Dianabol

Dianabol is available as injections and also as pills; the pills are usually small tablets. Oral consumption is the most common dosage mode, but it’s not the most effective. The impact from oral consumption usually doesn’t last any longer than a few hours.

To ensure the steroid consumption is stable, the dosage should be split and preferably taken twice or more a day. The steroid must be taken with food to help decrease and mitigate upset stomachs. The dosage is dependent on the person’s gender, size, exercise routine, and similar health factors.

Supplements work differently for different people, and a lot of the differences can be attributed to the person’s unique body chemistry and also the dosage time. For instance, some individuals may derive optimal benefits when they take the entire dose right before a workout. And then there are people who find the steroid extremely beneficial when they break down the dosage and spread it through the day.

If you’re just starting out or have never been on a steroid before, it’s recommended not to go the full distance at a go. You must know how your body responds to the drug before you start taking complete daily dose in one shot. In case you weren’t aware, Methandrostenolone, like any other anabolic steroid, could take its toll on the liver.

Dosage and Cycling

Most individuals taking Dianabol go with a 30-50 mg daily dosage, and the cycle is usually four to six weeks. If you’re just starting out, do not stretch beyond 40 mg. The 40 mg dose, in fact, helps derive the maximum benefits and brings down the possibilities of side effects as much as possible. With experience and acclimatization, you may gradually increase the dosage.

Increasing the dosage doesn’t necessarily mean improved results. In fact, the muscle and strength gains plateau beyond a specific dosage level. Unfortunately, the side effects don’t hit the ceiling the same way. They go up with increased dosage levels. Most experienced users therefore stall at 70-80 mg. It’s rare to see an individual go beyond 80 mg methandrostenolone.

Individuals keen on increasing their muscle mass use Dianabol in tandem with steroids that are normally incorporated into mass cycles. For example, testosterone enanthate and Deca-Durabolin dosages could be merged with a calorie-rich diet and nutrients that help enhance muscle strength and gains. Dianabol could be stacked with other anabolic steroids such as Sustanon, Anadrol, Trenbolone, etc.